Shaving tips

Shaving tips

How to care for your short and curlies 


You may ask what all the fuss is about - after all, you’ve never pruned the hedges before, why start now? The fact is, excess hair (down there) can trap sweat and dirt, resulting in odor and bacteria, so if you prefer hygiene in your secret garden, a little shave is probably best. Men who have manscaped nether-regions, perspire less and feel fresher throughout the day, leading to overall increased confidence.

This may come as a surprise, but the majority of romantic partners say a well-groomed man is more attractive than a hairy Hagrid; so if it’s romance you’re looking for, best you take care of some below-the-belt maintenance. Finally, it’s a well-known fact that a cropped mop makes the neck look longer. ‘Nuff said. 


ditch your old razor

 Tip #1: Choose your tools with care

You have four main options when manscaping: you can wax, shave, use hair removal cream or use a specially designed body hair trimmer, like the Shavet Trimmer.

Waxing is highly effective for removing body hair because it essentially rips hair out by the root, meaning it takes longer to grow back. However, it can be eye-wateringly painful and we don’t recommend it for the lower-regions - rather use this method for the chest, back or legs and for goodness’ sake, leave it to the professionals! (this is not the time to go DIY)

Hair removal creams weaken hair at the root level, so it falls away, leaving you with similar results to waxing, but without the screaming. A word of warning though: most Depilatory creams are not designed to be used in the groin area, and can irritate sensitive skin. 

The far simpler solution is shaving, which works essentially the same, whether you’re tackling your face, chest, legs or…tackle. The advantage of using an electric trimmer as opposed to a razor is that you can leave the hair a little longer if you don’t want to go Full Monty, and it also avoids a lot of the issues with ingrown hairs.

 Become a smooth operator

 Tip #2: Shear before you shave / Prune the bushes first


So, you’ve decided you’re ready to go for gold and celebrate your man-bits in all their naked glory, good on you! Whilst we applaud your courage and forward-thinking, we do advise that you don’t run full tilt into pubic battle without preparation. If you’ve ever tried to remove a beard with a razor without first trimming it back a little, you’ll know how difficult - and painful - it can be. So give your goolies a break and use the Shavet Trimmer to prep the area.

 Tip #3: Not to rain on your parade but…


While our Shavet Trimmer is waterproof and can be used in the shower, we recommend you do your pruning on dry land if you’re worried about taking a little too much off the top. This is because hair tends to relax and expand when wet - especially curly hair - only returning to its normal length when dry, so if it’s your first time getting intimate with your intimates, you might want to try trimming while dry.


 Tip #4: Aesthetics are important, too


Firstly, we know it’s easy to get carried away with your new toy - after all, it’s awesome - but sometimes a clean-shaven chest combined with a wooly groin and hairy legs can be an odd combination. If you’re going to shave some of it, then groom all of it. That doesn’t mean you have to take off every follicle on your body, we just recommend evening things out a bit so that it all looks intentional and tasteful. Secondly, be realistic about what’s underneath your Aladdin’s carpet: if you’ve gotten a little chubby around the waistline, chances are that shaving it all off downstairs will reveal the infamous, less-than-appealing “fat pad” that forms above the groin. On the other hand, we celebrate body positivity, so if you’re happy with the way you look (and you’d like to score an extra inch on the ol’ fishing rod by trimming around the base) then go for it!


 Tip #5: Tight like a tiger


The same rules about keeping the skin taut while shaving your face, apply when shaving your undercarriage. Easiest way to achieve this, is to splash a little cold water on your family jewels and they’ll tighten up nicely so you can trim away excess hair with ease. 


 Tip #6: Grooming doesn’t stop when you put the trimmer down


It’s important not to neglect aftercare for your skin - after all, this is the most sensitive skin on your body. In the same way that the skin on your face benefits from a soothing aftershave balm, so will your nether regions. If ingrown hairs are an issue for you, make sure you apply a product formulated to minimise the risk of razor bumps after hair removal.


There are many opinions out there about the best way to handle grooming the groin, so at the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal preference, and what works for your body. Whatever you do, remember that there’s no shame in managing your man-business; in fact, it’s the healthy and hygienic thing to do. And if it happens to make you feel more confident and attractive as well, then we say, “Shavet!”


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