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Steam Up: Shower Shaving Techniques for Smooth Success

Shower Shaving Techniques: Prep Like a Pro

Once again, it seems logical that shower shaving implies that preparation is not necessary anymore. Here's how to set the stage for a smooth and successful shave:

  • Pre-Shower Prep (Optional): In case you have some extra minutes in the morning, use the pre-shave oil five minutes before washing your face with a washcloth under the shower. It can assist in the preparation of beard hair making them even softer and develop a protecting layer to allow for shaving. SHAVET has come up with a broad range of pre-shave oil that suits our different skin kinds.
  • Cleanse & Exfoliate (Sometimes): If you have not washed your face the night before, it would be better to wash your face with some mild soap and water in the shower to prevent the accumulation of dirt and oil from clogging up the shaving blade and cause skin irritation. Skin should be exfoliated 1-2 times a week; this does not need to be done on the same day as shaving as it helps to eliminate dead skin cells that trap hairs and are likely to cause pimple-like formation on the growing area. SHAVET presents types of mild scrubs for face and body particularly designed for the male skin.

Shower Shaving Techniques: Mastering the Lather & Glide

Now that you're prepped, let's delve into the shaving techniques that ensure a smooth and comfortable shower shave:

  • Lather Up Luxuriously: Shaving cream or soap is a crucial product, it prepares your skin providing a thin layer which protects it from acquisition. Choose a shaving cream or soap specifically designed for your sensitive skin and apply a good amount of foamy water on your face. SHAVET provides a range of shaving creams & Soaps that help in attaining luxurious rich foam and smooth,non-Irritating feel.
  • Short Strokes & Gentle Pressure: It is important to shave with short and soft motions, therefore, you ought to use the razor gently. Do not force things – let the mass of the razor and the sharpness of the blade handle the cutting process. If one is in a hurry and so. quickly during the shave then it may result in some cuts as well as skin reactions.
  • Rinse & Repeat (as Needed): If you use a shaving cream, ensure that after using the razor, you wash it with clean water, particularly to remove hair that may have stuck to it. Stroking the blade again through the lather and doing very short strokes attempt to gain your preferred closeness.

Shower Shaving Techniques: Post-Shave TLC

That changes with the Real Comfort shower shave which goes beyond the last razor glide. Here's how to care for your skin after shaving for lasting smoothness:

  • Cool Down the Burn: Finalize the shaving process by splashing water on your face, and this wash out the remaining shaving products and reduces the inflammation resulting in redness when shaving.
  • Moisturize Like a Pro: Rinse off the shave cream or soap with warm water after shaving and apply a post shave balm or lotion on the face which is most appropriate for sensitive skin. Such products from the SHAVET brand range from male grooming accessories to aftershave products that include components such as aloe Vera and witch hazel for skin healing and reducing redness.
  • Minimize Touching: Shaving and celebrating the new growth. Try not to rub your face too much, after shaving because this is an excellent way of exposing your skin to more bacteria.
  • Clean Up the Mess (Optional): Even if there is a remnant of the shaving cream or soap on the skin, cleaning it with the shower will do enough and for the remaining portions it is wise to use a washcloth so that pores are not blocked.
  • Invest in a Quality Razor: A razor could easily become a source of frustration if not regularly sharpened and maintained. Recommend safety razor for the purpose as it gives better control over the area to be shaved and is more custom-tailored. SHAVET is a line of shaving products including a range of razors intended for shower shaving preference.
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