From Chore to Ritual: SHAVET Tools Elevate Your Shaving

Shaving Tools Elevate Your Shaving Experience: The Razor's Edge

The main equipment used in a superb shave is a razor blade. One may prefer convenience in the practice of using disposable razors that come in cartridges, but however these would leave you with cartridges that have quality rather than speed considerations. SHAVET razors, however, are built to deliver a superior shave: 

  • Safety Razors: Add the timeless safety razor to your arsenal of essential shave items for the ultimate shaving experience. Its blade design is non-disruptive and insensitive due to a single blade that prevents any irritation while the weight and center allow the penetrant to have the freedom to control the working area. The SHAVET brand comes in different variants of safety razors whether for the first time users or experienced shavers.  The handcrafted luxuries are there too. 
  • Double-Edged Blades: However, they may seem to be scary at the initial stage, double-edged blades are very sharp and have a superior edge for shaving in comparison to normal blades. In SHAVET line, you can choose the branded blades of the best quality for your hair, and find what exactly you need for your beard or skin type. 
  • Modern Cartridge Razors: The process of recycling used cartridges is far from ideal. The SHAVET top-notch cartridge razors which function with various blades accompanied by lubricating straps and pivoting headers to ensure a skin irritation-free clean shaving. 

Shaving Tools Elevate Your Shaving Experience: Beyond the Blade

A good blade already starts the job, but you need all of the other products to look perfect. To truly elevate your shave, you need the right supporting cast:

  • Shaving Brush: A well-done shaving brush is not just an addition to the aesthetic touching; they are much more than that. Its bristles assist in lifting beard hairs and softening them up, thus producing a rich lather when you spread your hand cream all over your face, leaving soft shaved ready skin. With a wide selection of shaving brushes (of badger hair, boar bristle, or vegan synthetic) SHAVET will fit your budget and desire. 
  • Shaving Soap or Cream: Applying actual shaving cream from a can instead of the foamy, creamy bunch we normally use is a different story! SHAVET shaving soaps and creams that make use of natural materials such as humectants and moisturizers to nourish and protect the skin. This lather also contributes to a lovely smoothness that prevents friction and therefore also avoids irritation. 
  • Shaving Bowl or Scuttle: If you don't have a bowl or scuttle, you can still use a bowl from the kitchen, however, having one (or both) adds to the lather building process and creates a more ritualistic shaving experience. It goes without saying that SHAVET has a varying collection of fashionable shaving bowls and scuttles that are made from the finest materials such as ceramic or wood. 
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