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Shaver Suitable for All Skin Types, Even Sensitive Skin

Shaver Suitable for All Skin Types: Understanding Sensitivity

Before diving into specific shavers, let's understand what makes skin "sensitive":

  • Reactive Skin: This skin's types are sensitive to the surrounding factors like built-in fragrances, strong chemicals and even shaving of skin. Symptoms can be characterized as swelling, soreness, reddening, and feeling like something is burning. 
  • Dry Skin: The dwindling of moisture can hike the sensitivity of the skin to the acts on it from razor blades. Skin prone to dryness may have a feeling of constant pulling and comes with a level of dehydration expressed in the form of rough, flaky surface. 
  • Prone to Ingrown Hairs: Ingrown hairs are more likely to occur in thicker or tightly curled hair that traps themselves in the skin surface, later appearing as red spots. 

Shaver Suitable for All Skin Types: Choosing Your Weapon

Now, let's explore shaver options that cater to sensitive skin:

  • Safety Razors: This is not a name to be fearful of, but rather a name that inspires and motivates you. Safety razors, equipped with one blade and an enhanced grip, provides users with desirable control and a definitely very shaving experience. It relieves pain, besides you are able to vary the angle and pressure from a light one which will not create irritation. The SHAVET product line places special emphasis on safety razors for sensitive skin, where we are known for our smooth-edged razor heads, and our blade angles never hurt. 
  • Electric Shavers: In case anyone with a very sensitive skin type asks for advice, electric shavers could be the answer. Equipment from SHAVET has contributed to the development of the electric shavers characterized by the use of hypoallergenic foils.  Such foils minimize rubbing of the skin which is the main cause of irritation. Additions such as the capability to customize settings and the self-cleaning technology makes using the product even more enjoyable for the sensitive skin category of users. 
  • Cartridge Razors (But Choose Wisely): Cartridges, not each of them, are identical. SHAVETS includes in its product line premium razors that are specially manufactured to cater to people with sensitive skin. Such a razor is composed out of different blades and there is a lubricating strip which is smooth in its action. While their cost may be a factor, still if cartridge razors are the one you prefer then, don’t forget to replace them regularly to retain the sharpness of blades. 

Shaver Suitable for All Skin Types: Mastering a Gentle Shave

It is not the only important thing. Here's how to create a gentle shaving routine for sensitive skin:

  • Lather Up with Care: Ditch the old hard-to-sensitive alcohol-based creams! As for sensitive skin, you better opt for a gentle shaving soap or cream that is also tailored for sensitive skins. Make sure you buy a soap with coconut oil and colloidal oatmeal in the list of ingredients as it helps moisturize and reduces the itchiness. Use a shaving brush to cup and build up a thick lather which, alongside reducing the need to press hard, also lifts the whiskers for a closer shave. 
  • Technique Matters: Shave with the grain tips for the most gentle direction. Long, slow strokes are employed, and just a soft touch should be required. It is better to skip the same area of shaving repeatedly as it can irritate your skin if shaved a lot. In case you decide to wet shave with the grain (predictable consequences!), ensure to repeat the procedure in a very light way and with lots of care. 
  • Aftershave TLC: Taking care of your skin even after the shave is a vital part of the process. The texture of skin following shaving - especially when it is sensitive - is soothing so apply a cooling aftershave balm or lotion. Shavet’s distinctive aftershave line is infused with a range of soothing ingredients such as witch hazel and aloe vera that combat skin irritations as well as making sure that nicks and cuts are sealed as soon as possible.
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