Professional shave at home

Smooth Shaves: Easiest Way to Professionally Shave at Home

The Easiest Way to Professionally Shave at Home: Upgrade Your Tools

The old ones may be challenging for starters but the effect they literally give to your face, surpasses that of the disposable blades' efficiency. Here's what you need for a professional shave at home:

  • Safety Razor: Safety razors are what offers a very close and comfortable shave, while it is smooth and close to perfection. Its one-sided blade construction is responsible for the reduced irritation and a markedly improved control.  Besides, the blades are situated in such a way that gives you, the customer, a custom shaving experience. With SHAVET, not only do you have a wide range of safety razors that suit your preferences from the entry level one to the premium quality masterpiece, but also you have a variety that matches the personalities of any gentleman, both novice and those who are accomplished. 
  • High-Quality Blades: Sharpness matters! Chances are those blades will be nothing but dull and poor quality.  But leave your disposable razors at the door and try something new. SHAVET stocks a wide variety of signage baldric from hand-picked brand marks. Try and then pick the best blade type that is good for your beard, as well as shaving. 
  • Shaving Brush: Unlike most of us would think, a shaving brush is not merely a sophisticated substitute for soap. Simply using a natural bristle brush such as badger hair bristles or boar bristle brushes will gently exfoliate your skin and lift the facial hair, perfecting them for a closer shave. In addition, the brush provides a creamy constituent and creates lather which is sliding for the razor. SHAVET proposes brushes with bristles of different types and materials so that you can pick up the one you like at the price you can afford. 

The Easiest Way to Professionally Shave at Home: Master the Technique

We don't just use the best tools, but perfect techniques as well to give a professional shave. Here are some key steps to follow:

  • Prep is Key: First, are knowledgeable, and will advise you to pick a warm washcloth to clean your face.  Then, they will apply pre-shave oil on your skin, which will cause the hair to split and the growth to slow, hence making it easier to shave. The oil acts as a balm, which serves to soften beard hair, as well as facilitate the gliding of the razor smoothly without causing irritation to the facial skin. SHAVET stock offers variations of natural pre-shave oils to be used with the shaver. 
  • Lather Up Right: Avoid buying pricey aerosol stuff and use wet shaving as a natural and inexpensive alternative! Safety razors are demanding regarding the shaving soaps and lotion, choose one designed specifically for them. First, moisten your shaving brush and then twirl it in the soap or cream to produce an abundant lather. 
  • The Art of the Shave: Begin by shaving with grain which allows you to cut your hair smoothly without any tugging or bumping. Use shorty, soft strokes and do not apply much pressure. Having completed the initial fast cross-grain task you will then probably feel comfortable to try a light dusting against the grain for an even better finish.

The Easiest Way to Professionally Shave at Home: Finishing Touches & Maintenance

The embellishment of the ordinary shave to a professional one will be like removing just the hair. Here's how to complete your routine:

  • Soothe and Protect: Post shaving, wash your face in cool tap water to stop the pores. Use a good-quality balm or lotion for shaving and this will protect you from irritations and will keep the moisture in your skin. Along with that, SHAVET is a multi-featured brand of aftershave products implied with the soothing elements such as aloe vera and witch hazel.  
  • Clean Your Tools: The tools are the key components of craftsman work.  So, maintenance of them is essential. With each shave, rinse your safety razor with lukewarm water and tap it dry with an untoweled cloth. It is necessary to air dry your brush as well for you to minimize build-up of mold.
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