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Shave Like a King: Get Soft, Irritation-Free Skin Every Time

Get Soft, Irritation-Free Skin: Prepping for Smoothness

The key to getting the perfect shave is all about skin prepping for what is to come. Here's how to create a pre-shave routine that promotes softness and minimizes irritation:

  • Warm Up the Act: A misconception that many individuals make is to not overestimate the value of hot water. You’ll want to steam your face before shaving, which will open your pores and soften the beard hair.  This will make it easier to cut your beard's hair and decrease the opportunity of ingrown hairs. 
  • Exfoliation is Key: Gentle face scrubs can be used not more than twice a week in order to get smooth skin which would be ready for shaving. Our product pallet of natural exfoliating scrubs made for the skin with allergies includes artificially-scented or preserved scrubs. 
  • Lather Up Right: Add the high price to that canned shave cream! Unlike other commercial shaving creams, SHAVET’s quality soaps and creams offer a richer, more delicious lather that is both hydrating and creates a smooth gliding effect for the razor. Figure out what formulas to purchase that are made with plant-based or natural substances such as shea butter or coconut oil for added moisturizing functions. 

Get Soft, Irritation-Free Skin: Mastering the Art of Shaving

Human beings are creative beings who know how to find it even in the most unexpected things. Here's how to use your razor for a clean, comfortable shave:

  • Invest in Quality: Toss that disposable razors in the bin! SHAVET’s safety razors come in a multitude of unique styles that provide not only a closer shave, but also less irritation with higher quality than some of the top competitors. Single edged razors, which provide many close shaves with careful handling and less of a chance of nicks and cuts, prove convenient as they are less dangerous. 
  • Sharpness Matters: Razor that is not sharp is the enemy number one problem caused by the shaving procedure for men. Take necessary precautions by replacing your razor blade frequently, you should do so in case you notice any pulling or tugging, not only during the shave. Each SHAVET cartridge is made with the best material on the market which includes a variety of different blades in order to give you the option of selecting the correct blade for your facial hair density and keeping the ultimate shave.
  • Technique is King: We know that shaving in the direction opposite to the growth of your hair is the quickest method most of the time but the majority of skin types are unpleasantly affected by this. SHAVET puts it like this, shaving on the grain first and finally going for the second pass. 

Get Soft, Irritation-Free Skin: Soothing and Protecting

The settling isn't complete either, the blade is put down. Here's how to ensure your skin stays soft and irritation-free:

  • Cooling Down: Just after shaving, splash your face with cool water to shut your pores and see to the reduction of any redness. A cold compress is also helpful because it can soothe any tension at the same time. 
  • Post-Shave Pampering: Make sure you take care of your skin after all these processes too. In addition to the wideline of aftershave balms and lotions, SHAVET also offers products with calming ingredients like aloe vera and witch hazel. They will be able to moisturize and calm your skin even more so that it will feel like it has just been relieved from stress or sleepless nights. 
  • Hydration is Essential: It is crucial to have a well-hydrated body in which the skin is clean from the redness. It is wise to drink enough glasses of water to avoid dehydration and try to use a non-dry type of moisturizer daily to prevent your skin from drying out. 

Given these pointers and integrated with the SHAVET premium shaving tools, you, at last, could now possess the clean, itchless skin that you have long wished for. Enjoy bedding bidding farewell with bumps and say hi to a daily routine that gives your skin an exceptionally smooth touch and a healthier look. Amble to SHAVET to find out how amazing that difference can be when you are using high-quality tools and proper technique. 

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