Exceptional Shaving - A Luxurious Shaving Experience

Exceptional Shaving: Indulge in Quality Tools

Shaving by itself for a lot of men. Visualize your shave evolving into an indulgent daily ritual, where you meditate in preparation, emerge with a deep sense of focus, and attack the world with a tiger-like stride. In the time of SHAVET's superior shaving instruments and a bit of care for you, you have the power to craft an experience that is the greatest you have ever had – extraordinary shaving. The base for choosing tools stands for a decent shave. Not disposable razors and aerosol canned shaving cream, please! SHAVET offers a selection of premium tools designed to elevate your shaving experience:

  • Handcrafted Safety Razors: What elevates SHAVET's safety razor from merely a shaving tool to a piece of art? Made from the sturdy materials such as chrome and stainless steel, and having beautiful polished designs along with great balance feature, these razors allow you to get a clean, comfortable shave and help become very valuable memories. 
  • Premium Razor Blades: SHAVET armed with responsible, double-edged blades from leading manufacturers. Those who struggle with their beards should keep experimenting until they find the correct type of a razor for them and all of their needs. When compared curved/smoother blades, a sharp one will minimize irritation and assist you in getting a close shave lowering a number of passes that can damage your skin. 
  • Natural Bristle Shaving Brushes: A quality shaving brush serves as the number one must have ingredient for a barbershop-style shaving.  Luxurious! SHAVET is a supplier of brushes with bristles of natural origin i. e.  badger hair, boar etc. The bristles that are self-adjusting caress your skin in a manner that allows you to tidy and lift the hairs for a closer shave.  Additionally, these bristles help to lather up to form a smooth and rich lather.

Exceptional Shaving: Craft a Luxurious Lather

The secret to a good skin-friendly shaver that won't get you irritated is the lather. Here's how to create a luxurious lather that elevates your shaving experience:

  • Ditch the Canned Cream: The gentle and kind product is enough to say hello to the chemical-based shaving crème. SHAVET offers several shaving soaps and creams, which are formulated with natural butters including those made from coconut, shea, and cocoa. The shaving product for adults caters even to the finicky skin using a luxurious lathering and nourishing cream. 
  • The Art of Lathering: The whole lubrication process is not only about just grabbing cream on your face and rubbing. Soak a shaving lamp in warm water, then swing a soap and soak brush in the water to make the foam. The heat makes the beard follicles stretch and angers the hairs and the brush lifts the beard hairs facilitating a cleaner shave. 
  • Shaving Bowls and Scuttles: However, a shaving bowl and scuttle are not must-haves but they will surely improve lather-making performance and make your bathroom as well as countertop more luxurious. Through different products, SHAVET provides shaving bowls and scuttles of excellent quality, made of ceramic and wood, among other materials, to have a spa-like look in the comfort of your house. 

Exceptional Shaving: The Finishing Touches

Shaving is more than just removing hair. Thus it is luxurious. Here's how to complete your pampering ritual:

  • Cooling Down: Complete shaving procedure by using cool water towards closing your pores and minimizing the redness. A cold compression could also relieve irritated skin, as cold is an anesthetic. 
  • Post-Shave Pampering: Moisturize your just-shaved skin using a great-quality aftershave remedy as a balm or a lotion. With the introduction of a host of aftershave products by SHAVET that have been formulated using ingredients such as aloe vera and witch hazel that are recognized to calm the skin, irritation can be significantly lessened and your skin will be invigorated and hydrated. 
  • Aromatic Touches: Include a fragrant aftershave or cologne shower for a just less luxurious treatment. Pick a scent which goes in the periphery of your particular style and makes you feel composed and revived. 
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