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Washing and Conditioning: More Than Just Shampoo Leftovers

It is not surprising that many men think they can just wash their beard with a normal shampoo, on the same grounds as the one they use on their head. At first sight, it may appear to be a perfectly rational approach; however, experience demonstrates that such actions may lead to complete catastrophe. Here's why proper beard washing and conditioning are essential:

  • Taming the Tangle: The hair that grows on our faces is usually rougher and curly than the hair on the head and is easily tangled. Washing is essential which can be done using wash agents specially formulated for beards to make the beard clean and easy to manage by removing dirt and build-up.
  • Moisture Makes Magic: In the same way that the skin on the face that it covers also requires moisture, so too does facial hair in terms of prevention of breakage besides being healthy. Sheen enhancers are typically applied at the end of a grooming session to replace moisture lost in the grooming process and revitalize hair follicles, resulting in softer fur.

Washing and Conditioning: Cultivating a Clean Routine

Now that you understand the importance of washing and conditioning, let's explore a beard care routine that promotes a healthy, luxurious mane:

  • Wash Wisely: When washing beards, try to gently wash it 2-3 times a week at the maximum. One should not wash his beard too frequently since this process eliminates its natural oils and may cause dry skin. Getting a SHAVET beard wash means that you will be able to swim through the range of options they have in store for you,all based on the type and size of your beard.
  • Conditioning for Champions: Finally, after rinsing the wash, men should proceed and apply a beard conditioner. Let it sit for a while as this will make the ingredients in the lotion do their job in hydrating the skin. Finally, give it a proper rinse with cold water since rinsing with cold water is able to close the hair cuticles thereby retaining the moisture. In the SHAVET line, there are many products for beard conditioning that will make your skin healthy and silky.

Washing and Conditioning: Beyond the Basics

Here are some additional tips to elevate your beard washing and conditioning routine:

  • Exfoliate Occasionally: Shaving the beard 1-2 times in a month should be done to reduce the aspect of dead skin cells and digging hairs. Another thing about which SHAVET is sure is that they provide a special beard scrub which is not as harsh as to damage your skin but enough to clean the beard area.
  • The Power of Pre-Shave Oil: In the event that you want to trim or shave your beard, you should begin by using the pre-shave oil then wash. This assists in the creation of a coat around the hair shaft and this in turn reduces the likelihood of skin irritation as a shaving occurs. Check out some of the pre-shave oils that SHAVET customers can choose from provided below.
  • Beard Balm Bonus: In case you want more moisture plus you want to style your beard then the beard balm is the product to use after you are through washing and conditioning your beard. The SHAVET company has a range of multicolored beard balms that vary in hold, level, and scent.

Beard is a symbol of manliness, pride and first of all, health and proper grooming of facial hair. It is therefore important to establish a washing and conditioning program in order to maintain your beard without the tendency to turn rough, scratchy and irritating. For years, at SHAVET, we have been providing the highest quality beard care products needed to achieve the beards of their desire. You can check out our site today and see the options to purchase a beard wash or conditioner or oil, or balm.

In commanding your bearded bounty with SHAVET, you have everything at your fingertips to unleash the potential.

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