A razor for every taste

The Perfect Gift: A Razor for Every Taste (His Ideal Shave)

The Perfect Gift: A Razor for Every Taste - The Tech-Savvy Shaver

It is easy to put yourself in a noose while trying to identify the best male gift. Ties? Overdone. Electronics? Hazardous, that is, if you haven’t found the exact sense of it. But there's one gift that caters to a universal need, elevates a daily routine, and comes with a touch of luxury: a good razor at affordable prices. The fact we believe at SHAVET that the best razor is waiting to be discovered for each man is that out there.

If he is a gadget fan and adopts the new smart devices and services. For him, shaving is more than just a chore, it's an opportunity to experience peak performance:

  • The Smart Shaver: A single use razor developed by SHAVET acts as an extension of a smartphone app, which in turn shows you exact pressure on the skin, shaving technique, and the shave quality in real time. With this techie gadget he gets nothing short of a smoothest shave, which is reportedly better than the one he got from his old-fashioned razor or electric shaver.  It also tracks progress and makes improvements when needed for better results. 
  • The Heated Razor: For an addition of the luxurious feel, consider a razor that has been heated with temperature control. The light heat eases up and softens the beard hairs without causing irritation and skin pores around that particular face area are more open and therefore, more suitable for shaving. This showerhead is ideal for a gentleman who likes at-home pampering. 

The Perfect Gift: A Razor for Every Taste - The Classic Gentleman

If for him, shaving is a ritual steeped in history and self-care:

  • The Safety Razor: A timeless classic, the safety razor provides the closest razor shave, in more comfort than any other method.  Also, it gives excellent control over where and at what speed to shave. Unique SHAVET's handmade safety razors with excellent colors and high quality products provoke a unified effect when they are to be passed down the next generations. 
  • The Double-Edged Blade Enthusiast: For the man who gets excited with the challenge and the joy of starting his day with the most unique and personal shaving experience, a pack of high quality double-edge razors is the ideal tool for the job. Under SHAVET'S umbrella, you can find blades of all kinds from distinguished manufacturers.  It means that there could be a perfect blade for any beard type and shaving style available. 

The Perfect Gift: A Razor for Every Taste - The Eco-Conscious Man

If he is also an environmentalist and buys products from sustainable sources, sometimes in bulk. For him, a great shave goes hand-in-hand with responsible choices:

  • The Eco-Friendly Razor: SHAVET creates razors not only from eco-friendly bamboo and recycled metals but it also uses its own refillable case to minimize environmental impact. These powerful razors are about giving a kind of luxurious shave, while at the same time the overall effect on the environment is limited. 
  • The Safety Razor Starter Kit: Let us not only purchase the sustainable razor but also dispose of its metal components, as the handle is made of recycled steel. The safety razor starter kit consists of an already handcrafted razor and a high-quality badger brush made out of ethically sourced materials, a natural shaving soap and a hemp bag, all including zero plastic packaging. 

Razor selection can be easier if you know the type of man you are shopping for. Do you prefer a personality-driven ad with a relatable character or one that speaks about the advantages of shaving with this particular product?

The SHAVET offering, spanning shaving razors and accessories, is versatile, which means you are likely to find the perfect gift that improves his daily bathroom routine and provides him with the ultimate shaving experience, clean, confident, and pampered. Today is the day to visit our website and find a tidy shave for your man: today offers you a concealed shave for anyone's fancy gift.

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